We are a specialized architectural practice that puts high priority on human comfort. Our passion and specialty is the creation of building and spaces that delight all the body's senses. The human experience of the world is multi-sensory, and much of our time is spent in designed spaces, both indoors and outside. Bad lighting, harsh sounds, uncomfortable seating, ugly signage, and flimsy materials attack our senses and dignity at every turn. We design places that make people feel comfortable, welcomed, cared for and loved. In this environment we are well poised to do our best work, to live life richly, foster meaningful connections and feel at peace.

Founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, California, we reorganized as MAISON ORION North America upon relocation to metro Detroit in 2017. From this new home base along an important international border we bring our diverse experience to a region of rich culture and stunning natural beauty.

Maison Orion is a registered Net Zero Energy Ready partner with the United States Department of Energy. We balance the carbon emissions of our business with offsets from Terrapass


Tallulah West, Ecologist

Tallulah earned a Bachelor of Science degree focused in Natural Resources Management from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She is an experienced Environmental Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the public and private sectors. Skilled in Environmental Inspection, Permitting, Natural Resources, Natural Resource Management, Water Resource Management, Renewable Energy and lateral infrastructure. Tallulah is also a certified Master Rain Gardener. Her deep knowledge of urban environmental issues strengthen our sustainable design practices.


Scott M B Gustafson, Architect

Scott earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Kansas State University and spent the early years of his career working for distinguished architects in  Tucson, Denver, and Los Angeles.

Scott is licensed and registered to practice architecture in Arizona and Michigan and the countries of Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects, the Danish Association of Architects (Arkitekt-Foreningen), Architects Sweden (Sveriges Arkitekter), the Windsor Regional Society of Architects in Ontario, the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture, the Passive House Alliance United States and WPTV Detroit Public Television.

Scott is active in several community service organizations. He serves on the Michigan Board of Architects as Chairperson and as the Communications Director on the Executive Board of the the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Detroit Chapter. He is a member of the Northfield Township Zoning Board of Appeals. He also volunteers as an ACE Mentor and can frequently be found swinging a hammer for Habitat for Humanity Huron Valley.