Drawing by hand for me allows a slow, looping, layered process of thinking, acting and evaluating. Soft lines start defining a generalized notion. Repeated strokes build up as confidence and clarity increase. A fresh sheet of tracing paper is overlaid and harder lines commit the sketch with greater resolve. In discussions with colleagues we frequently talk and draw, each working through the detail we're trying to solve. Sketches record the thought process help us confirm we are talking about the same thing no matter how loose and geometrically imprecise they may be.

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Invisible Forces


In 2008 Scott M B Gustafson was interviewed in Boulder, Colorado on KGNU radio’s program Art Aloud about a project he completed in school at Kansas State University called Invisible Manhattan. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities, this project expressed the social power of hidden radio broadcasts through 3D computer modeling techniques.

The Peace of Autumn

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The Peace of Autumn

Today the peace of autumn pervades the world.

In the radiant noon, silent and motionless, the wide stillness rests like a tired bird.

Spreading over the deserted fields to all horizons its wings of golden green.

Today the thin thread of the river flows without song, leaving no mark on its sandy banks.

The many distant villages bask in the sun with eyes closed in idle and languid slumber.

In the stillness I hear in every blade of grass,

In every speck of dust, in every part of my own body, in the visible and invisible worlds,

In the planets, the sun, and the stars, the joyous dance of the atoms through endless time.

Rabindranath Tagore