Invisible Forces


In 2008 Scott M B Gustafson was interviewed in Boulder, Colorado on KGNU radio’s program Art Aloud about a project he completed in school at Kansas State University called Invisible Manhattan. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities, this project expressed the social power of hidden radio broadcasts through 3D computer modeling techniques.

Enduring with Grace

Our profession requires a range of skills with playful creativity on one end and technical and analytical precision on the other. I have committed myself to developing broad competencies across this arc in order to be the best architect I can be. My years of experience in construction trailers and climbing ladders on job sites feed back into my decision making processes during design and technical detailing. I don’t see architecture as the creation of static objects, but rather as the thoughtful organization of human activities. Existing in space and enduring over time, buildings and landscapes must gracefully accept the weather and seasons and be robust enough to withstand years of continual use. Instead of responding to passing trends of fashion that quickly fade from favor, buildings which delight the senses stay relevant over generations because feeling taken care of never gets old.
— Scott M B Gustafson, Architect

Somerset Township House - Schematic Design

Somerset Township House - Schematic Design

Work continues on the Somerset Township House. The Schematic Design phase is wrapped up which means the size and arrangement of all the major rooms has been decided, as well as the locations of exterior windows and primary building materials. The land surveyor has completed the topographic survey of the building site and we can site the home confident that rainwater and melting snow will flow away from the foundations.

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